Trump Admin Considering Drilling Near Florida After Election

Due to the unpopularity of drilling in the state of Florida the Trump administration could consider drilling in the state once the election is over in November.

According to The Hill:

The Trump administration could reportedly pursue oil and gas drilling off the coast of Florida after the presidential election this November.


Four sources told Politico about the plans, mentioning that the administration is waiting because of how unpopular offshore drilling is in the state.

Two of the sources cited by the news outlet are people who work in the energy industry and two were sources who had recently spoken with department officials.

“Whatever is decided is expected to come out within two to three weeks of the election,” one of the people who spoke with Interior officials told Politico.

The 2010 DeepwaterHorizon spill significantly impacted tourism in the state and has members of both parties hesitant to endorse offshore drilling in Florida.


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