Christopher Columbus Statues Under Attack in the US

Statues of Christopher Columbus have come under attack since the protests and riots began.

According to The Hill:

Statues of Christopher Columbus were targeted by protesters in Massachusetts and Virginia on Tuesday night in an act of solidarity with indigenous peoples.

The 8-foot-tall memorial to the explorer in Richmond, Va., was pulled down with ropes and dragged roughly 200 yards to nearby Landing at Foundation Lake, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. It was also reportedly briefly lit on fire.

The base of the statue was covered in graffiti, and protesters held signs reading “This land is Powhatan land” and “Columbus represents genocide.”

A makeshift headstone poster was also placed in front of the sunken statute in the water that read, “Racism. You will not be missed.”


Critics have said that his journey jumpstarted the North American slave trade and the colonization of indigenous peoples.

Luckily the people protesting have 500 years of information and growth that helps them feel morally superior.


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