REPORT: US Military Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan Ahead of Schedule

A new report has indicated that President Trump is bringing our troops home ahead of schedule.

According to The Hill:

Concerns about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have led U.S. officials to accelerate the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan ahead of a deadline agreed upon by the U.S. and the Taliban earlier this year.


Reuters reported that a U.S. plan to reduce the number of troops in the country to around 8,600 by mid-July will now be completed in June, due mostly to concerns about spreading the virus among U.S. service members.

“Due to COVID-19 concerns, we are moving towards that planned drawdown faster than anticipated,” a U.S. official added.

Other NATO soldiers could be withdrawn ahead of schedule as well, one official from a western country told Reuters.

The process was expected to take 135 days by has been reported that it will be completed in 90.


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