ABC, NBC, and CBS all Run Bogus Trump Stories

The big three networks had a bad few days as all were caught running bogus Trump stories during that span.

According to Town Hall:

We’ve been following these controversies on an ad hoc basis, but I wanted to put this trifecta of examples all in one place. Each of the “big three” broadcast networks has run with a bogus or deeply misleading story in recent days, all of which were critical of prominent members of the Trump administration. As usual, the media’s “mistakes” tend to cut in one partisan direction — against the president, party and ideology that journalists largely detest and subtlely and actively undermine. Here’s a quick and dirty review of these instant entries into the annals “fake news” — a derisive moniker that the press too often earns:


(1) ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, a committed Democratic operative who sometimes does comedy, aired doctored video of Vice President Mike Pence. The clip purported to show Pence pretending to carry personal protective equipment (PPE) into a medical facility, prompting Kimmel to snark, “Mike Pence pretending to carry empty boxes of PPEs into a hospital is a perfect metaphor for who he is and what he’s doing — a big box of nothing delivering another box of nothing.” The clip went viral, racking up millions of views, with numerous ‘blue checkmarks’ on social media eagerly sharing it. But it was a lie, and Kimmel was forced to acknowledge it and apologize, albeit conspicuously unapologetically:

(2) NBC’s Chuck Todd framed an entire “Meet the Press” discussion around an incomplete and context-free clip of Attorney General Bill Barr discussing the Justice Department’s decision to drop Michael Flynn’s prosecution. Todd played the abbreviated clip, calling Barr’s response ‘cynical’ and asserting that Barr didn’t seek to justify the department’s decision as upholding the rule of law. Barr’s full answer, which didn’t make CBS’ pressed-for-time televised news package — but was made available online — specifically spoke to the rule of law. Watch the juxtaposition, back to back:

(3) CBS’ Scott Pelley, in the span of a few seconds, made a claim on “60 Minutes” that reflects Chinese propaganda, and unfairly smeared Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a conspiracy theorist:

The only way you can believe the US is in the lead in these categories is if you believe China.


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