Former Trump National Security Adviser McMaster Joins Zoom

US Department of Defense

Former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has joined the board at the video conferencing company Zoom.

According to Fox News:

Former Trump national security adviser H.R. McMaster joined Zoom as an independent director, the virtual conferencing platform announced Wednesday.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said Wednesday that McMaster is “a welcome addition” to the company’s board.

“During his decorated military career, he has built an expertise in leading through challenging situations and has demonstrated tremendous strength of character,” Yuan said in a statement Wednesday. “His leadership will be invaluable as Zoom continues to enable people to connect on a global scale.”


McMaster is the highest-profile government official to join Zoom, which has reportedly been looking to strengthen its ties and contacts in Washington D.C. amid the coronavirus pandemic. It has become an enormously popular platform for businesses during lockdowns that have forced many employees to work remotely.

McMaster replaces former NSA Michal Flynn and was preceded by John Bolton.

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3 years ago

Honestly? I see McMaster as ‘not’ a dirty cop, but filthy Cop. He’s a stinking, lying, unethical snake in the grass, and I see him as the mentally deranged, Detached Comey, and Nutjob Nancy, and I don’t care what his rank was. Anyone in the Military, who speaks against the President as he did, I wouldn’t get near, even if he was the ‘only one’ left in a room to rescue me from a blazing house. I’m betting this was a well concocted plan by Hillery, Obama and other DT Haters.

3 years ago

The entire DNC Crew are domestic enemies, from OBAMA through Holder, Jarrett, Lynch, Emanuel, H.R.Clinton, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and they all deserve bullets drilling into their craniums.

3 years ago

Just as we all expected, McMaster is a Democrat and thus got the good guy treatment by the mainstream media. I agree with Lea because McMaster is a “snake in the grass” for the way he spoke against and undermined our president. I am sure Zoom is a liberal Democrat activity because they hired this liberal idiot.

Rob Porter
Rob Porter
3 years ago

H R McMaster was as a NSA about as useless as a hind tit on a bull, another of those ignorant Muslim sympathisers, or maybe, for all I know, a convert to Islam. Anyone who reads the Qur’an and then converts to Islam has to have serious intellectual and moral issues. Whatever the cases he talked the most ignorant nonsense concerning it. It was if he was a Obama plant, but, thank God, did not last long.

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