Trump Sued for Reversing Obama-era Waterway Restrictions

President Trump is being sued by multiple green groups over his rollback of Obama-era waterway restrictions.

According to The Hill:

A coalition of environmental groups sued the Trump administration on Wednesday, challenging a rollback of protections for the nation’s waterways.


The Navigable Waters Protection Rule finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in January limits federal protections for smaller bodies of water, a move critics say risks contamination of larger ones used for drinking water.

“Our nation’s majestic waterways depend for their health on the smaller streams and wetlands that filter pollution and protect against flooding, but the Trump administration wants to ignore the science demonstrating that,” the Natural Resources Defense Council, one of the groups leading the suit, said in a statement Wednesday. “This regulation is plainly unlawful. It violates the simple but powerful mandate of the Clean Water Act to protect the integrity of our nation’s waters.”

The new rule is the final replacement of the Obama-era Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, which President Trump vowed to dismantle during the 2016 campaign.

The groups claim that this is not just a rollback of the Obama-era protections but also a reversal of the decades-old protections of the Clean Water Act.


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