Mnuchin Claims Stimulus Check Will Arrive in Three Weeks

President Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has claimed that the stimulus checks for many Americans will arrive within 3 weeks.

According to The Hill:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Thursday said that direct checks to Americans authorized by the $2 trillion emergency relief package approved by the Senate should be in people’s bank accounts within three weeks.


In an interview on CNBC, Mnuchin said that people should get the checks in mid-April.

“We’re determined to get money in people’s pockets immediately. That will be within three weeks,” he told CNBC.

The Senate late Wednesday approved a $2.2 trillion economic recovery package that included stimulus checks of $1,200 for adults and $500 for each child. The money per check would fall for earners making more than $75,000 before zeroing out for people who make more than $99,000.

This time frame would mean that the money would arrive by the 16th of April.


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