Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers Rare Praise of Trump for Addressing Homelessness

White House [Public Domain]

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving President Trump rare praise for his approach to homelessness.

According to The Daily Wire:

Last week, the usually anti-Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly thanked the president for his efforts to address the burgeoning homeless crisis in California.

At an event hosted by the University of Southern California (USC) last week, titled  “Unhoused: Addressing Homelessness in California,” the president sent Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson to attend, prompting Schwarzenegger’s gracious reply on social media.


“Everyone knows [President Trump] & I have our disagreements,” tweeted the former California governor. “But I want to thank you for sending [Secretary Carson] to our homelessness summit. We’ll only solve this if everyone works together. This issue is bigger than all of us. Now it’s time for action.”

During his address at the homeless symposium last Thursday, Ben Carson said that bipartisan steps should be taken to combat the California homeless crisis and outlined the Trump administration’s plan to call on “every church, synagogue and mosque” to take care of the homeless.

Schwarzenegger has claimed that the homeless crisis was ignited by a lack of affordable housing in the state.

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4 years ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

4 years ago

Idaho’s homelessness is starting to look like CA’s. The former Boise mayor had a lot of low incoming razed so the contractors could build higher value housing. The low income workers can not afford the over priced housing.
Guess what political party he was.

4 years ago
Reply to  Barbara

Barbara, my “guess” is; the stupid leftist libTURD democRAT, Constitution hating, Freedom hating, Capitalism hating, ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADING ARMY LOVING, border barrier hating, ABORTION LOVING, Conservative hating, President Donald Trump hating, God hating, COMMIE!!

4 years ago

“Affordable Housing” Is the biggest most fraudulent political cop out I’ve ever heard! Has anyone tried to get a permit to build a house or an apartment that would sell for even a $100,000 in most locations? No building department would even think about allowing such a small house to be built. We Tried it here in Washing state. We have 9-1/2 acres and they told us we had to have a minimum of 10 acres to build a second home on our property. In just about anyplace someone would want to live and work, the land alone for an “Affordable House” would be out of reach for those most in need.

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