Cuomo to Offer Trump a Deal for Access to Global Entry

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is willing to deal with President Trump after his administration denied the state of New York access to the Global Entry program because the state gives drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

According to The Hill:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) will meet with President Trump on Thursday and reportedly offer federal officials access to state Department of Motor Vehicles databases to verify access to the federal Trusted Traveler Program in exchange for restored access to the Global Entry program for New Yorkers, according to a WNBC report.


The move comes after Cuomo announced in an interview on a Buffalo radio station on Tuesday that he had requested a personal meeting with the president to discuss the restrictions placed on the Trusted Traveler Program last week.

Cuomo’s comments came after he and Trump exchanged barbs on Twitter over the weekend.

A spokesperson for Cuomo’s office on Wednesday said that the expected deal would only be to verify applicants to the Trusted Traveler Program, not for immigration enforcement.

New York’s Attorney General is suing the Trump administration and the new offer from Cuomo could affect the lawsuit moving forward. However, it is unclear how it will affect it.


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