Trump has a new Plan to Make Federal Building Beautiful Again

President Trump is moving to change the architectural standard that will hopefully make federal buildings beautiful again.

According to The Hill:

President Trump is planning on “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again” with an executive order that would make a classical style the default for federal buildings in Washington and other parts of the country, The New York Times reported Wednesday.


The draft order would encourage Greek and Roman architectural designs instead of modern architecture. The order is expected to go in front of Trump next month, a person familiar with the development told the Times.

“Classical and traditional architectural styles have proven their ability to inspire such respect for our system of self-government. Their use should be encouraged,” reads a draft of the order obtained by the newspaper.

The National Civic Art Society pushed for the order, arguing that contemporary design in buildings is “dehumanizing,” according to the Times. The group developed the order about a year ago and met with White House officials such as Joe Grogan, the head of the Domestic Policy Council, according to people involved in the planning.

The new guidelines will apply to any building over $50 million that is contracted through the General Services Administration.


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