McConnell Slams Dem’s ‘Dangerous’ Articles of Impeachment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed the Democrat’s impeachment articles on Tuesday morning.

McConnell called them “dangerous” … and “constitutionally incoherent.”

According to The Hill:


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) lashed out at House Democrats on Tuesday, calling their two articles of impeachment “dangerous” ahead of votes this week on whether to convict President Trump.

“This does not even approach a case for the first presidential removal in American history. … Such an act cannot rest alone on the exercise of a constitutional power combined with concerns about whether the president’s motivations were public or personal and a disagreement over whether the exercise of power was in the national interest,” McConnell said.

He added that both articles of impeachment — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — were “dangerous” and “constitutionally incoherent.”

McConnell’s remarks are the first time he’s spoken on the Senate floor about impeachment since the outset of the trial. He reiterated that the House impeachment inquiry was “reckless” and the “most rushed, least fair” effort in the country’s history.

McConnell has stated that a vote on whether to remove or acquit President Trump will come sometime on Wednesday.

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Betty Shirrell
6 months ago

What I want to know is since the demo. Had obstruction and uncontitionally impeached the president, can it be reversed ? Not just by axquital but also reverse the nonpartisan got by congress

6 months ago

Military law includes the offense of “conduct unbecoming …….”
Unfortunately the President may not be included in this concept and of course he enjoyed the rewards of spurs on his lower limbs not on his boots.