Pete Buttigieg Claims all Trump Voters are Likely Racist

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has recently claimed that 63 million Trump voters are likely racist.

According to Town Hall:


Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has repeatedly said those who support President Donald Trump are racist. CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday asked Buttigieg if he regretted making those comments.

“Republicans have been seizing, including in a new Trump ad, a statement you made that ‘Anyone who supported this president is, at best, looking the other way on racism.’ You’ve also said that on my show,” Tapper explained. “That’s almost 63 million Americans who you’re painting with a pretty broad brush. Do you regret saying that at all?”

“No. I’m very concerned about the racial division that this president has fostered,” the 2020 Democratic candidate explained. “And I’m meeting a lot of voters who are no longer willing to look the other way on that, looking for a new political home.”

Democrats, like Buttigieg, continually say Trump supporters are racist. It’s because they fail to understand that Trump supporters come from various backgrounds. Some are white, some are black, some are Hispanic. There are straight supporters, gay supporters. Some supporters were born in the United States while others are naturalized citizens. The point, however, is simple: the policies Trump has implemented – like closing the border and tackling illegal immigration, lowering taxes and removing regulations – has benefited people of every race, creed, religion and gender. When a policy is successful, it transcends across party lines, races, religions and genders.

This is a common tactic among Democrats but it is an awfully big assumption and it remains to be seen if they will face any repercussions from it.


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3 years ago

Ha ha ha ha ha….thanks for the laugh. That, was so elite of him, to share that.
More than likely, Buttigieg is a narrow minded, self-centered, arrogant little twerp.

3 years ago

Thanks Peetie for providing more evidence to validate the position presented below.


Time’s Up, The Vets Are Coming!

The behavior and tactics employed by politicians like Pelosi and her gang make controlling this old soldier/cop’s latent homicidal tendencies very difficult. What should really scare all freedom loving Americans is not only what kind of people are sitting in the seats of government, but what kind of people would support/vote for the same? I spent many dark nights in the jungle listening to enemy soldiers near by or looking dead at their muzzle flashes while listening to the snap of their bullets as they passed by, but never did they scare me like politicians and the people who support them do here stateside. The enemies I faced as a soldier were thousands of miles from my wife, my children, my home, and there were clear/simple rules for dealing with them. There were no phony rules nor miles of red tape protecting them from my bullets and/or my knife. With each passing revelation of just how desperate and scared these politicians are at being discovered for who they are and/or for what they may loose, it is clear their time as well as ours is running out! As they obviously already know and we sure as hell better start to acknowledge, the best defense is a good offense! In short, the attack has got to be our new and only tactic until we have Nancy and her gang well engaged cleaning up the streets of California.

As for as I am concerned their time is up. It is time for the vets to finish the job the President has started. Far too many of America’s politicians/bureaucrats/academicians/media types on both the left and right have crossed the line! We out here in the heartland know this impeachment show is nothing but another attempt to cover up their own corruption and to maintain what power they think is due them. D.J. Trump is our President and only we can replace him. Seems there is one group the swamp creatures forgot about. They forgot about the thousands of combat veterans still alive and full of total disdain for all of them and for all they represent. Since 1945 they have sent us around the world to fight and die; supposedly protecting the nation from communists, socialists, muslims, etc, etc, etc. Now they are telling us we must stand by as these same groups assist them in reducing us to mere serfs in their feudal society. Not this time! We are coming to teach each of them that they are our servants, not our leaders. Those of them who have/are participating in the attempted coup d’etat or those sitting by in violation of their oath will not escape our justice. We are coming, suggest they get ready!

Solder/Cop/Grunt, Retired

3 years ago

Love your post!! I feel there is a revolution in the near future.

3 years ago

The real racists?????
Go check out the vile hateful tweets that blacks and goofy looking loser white people are spewing about rush Limbaugh and even white NFL player Nick Bosa.
Time after time after time blacks get a free pass for hating whites
And time after time goofy looking loser white sissy boys also get a free pass for hating other whites who aren’t losers like they are!!!!!

Fighter for freedom
Fighter for freedom
3 years ago

I know what most trump supporters are not: maligned fudge packers.

Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards
2 years ago

At least we are not queer! But the .03 are causing a uproar! The bible says one man and one woman re create! Not one Queer and one Queer. That can’t producer nothing!

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