Meadows Recommends Gaetz for Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team

Representative Mark Meadows has recommended that Representative Matt Gaetz serve on President Trump’s impeachment defense team in the Senate.

According to The Hill:

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said Thursday that he believes Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) should be among the GOP lawmakers given a role on President Trump‘s impeachment defense team.

Meadows, appearing on “War Room: Impeachment,” told former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon that it was “imperative” the president’s defense team include individuals with an intimate knowledge of the witness testimony and other evidence from the House impeachment process.

“If I had to pick a team, I would say you get in Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). You get in a Matt Gaetz. You put your ‘A Team’— a John Ratcliffe [(R-Texas)],” Meadows said.

Meadows, who is not seeking reelection, also did not rule out the possibility of playing some role himself in Trump’s defense strategy. But he was particularly supportive of Gaetz, a firebrand Republican and Trump defender who produced a number of viral moments in the impeachment proceedings.

Meadows stated that Gaetz’s performance in the Judiciary Committee hearings was one of the best he saw.

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2 years ago

War Monger Is A Communist Buzzword. The Greatest Generation Would Be Heart Broken To See How Communist The Baby Killing, Flag Burning, Kappernick Dividing, Dope Dealing Democrat Party Is Today. The Last Democrat Was Harry Truman Who Dropped Two A Bombs To Save The Japanese People And One Million Gi’s Who Were Scheduled To Die To Take Japan. Harry Said When They Call The Role In Congress, They Don’t Know Whether To Say Present Or Not Guilty.

The Democrat Communists Are Comparing Benghazi To The Trump Diplomatic Message To The Iranian Moolahs. Obama Was Stoned That Night And Hitlery Hung Up On The 911 Call. They Left Good Men To Die And Ran Out The Clock Of Life With A Bull Schiff Story. The Party Of Foul Deeds And Cover Ups. Our Intel Is Much Better Under Trump Than Obama Bin Laden. Trump Scored Two Huge Hits On The Worms That Have Been Killing Us Since The Beirut Barracks Bombing. Was Sulemani In Command There?

This PEOPLES PRESIDENT’S Motto Is No More Benghazis. As He Was Putting On His Tux For New Years A Drone 50,000 Feet Up Over Baghdad Airport Was Lining Up On The Target. Suleimani Is Now Salami. Did You See The Molten Metal That Was The Convoy. They Identifired One Terrorist From The Arm They Found And His Wrist Watch.

Remember Benghazi? Obama And His Communist Party Sent A Drone To Watch Four Americans Wait For Help For 14 Hours. I Believe The Drone Was Armed. The Rescue Team Had Laser Painted The Mortars Waiting On A Gun Ship. All Rescue Attempts Were Ordered To Stand Down. An Admiral TRYING TO SEND A RESCUE PARTY Was Relieved By Phone.
The Communist Democrats Are The Cover Up Party. The Ukranians and the Chinese Never Gave A Trump A Job.

Nancy Lugosi Said Trump Has To Tell Us Before He Saves American Lives. How Are We Going To Warn The Iranians. We Can’t Leak Everything Thru The New York Stalin Times ,The Bezos Bee Washington Pos , Vanity Fair ,Politico, The Vue, News Weak,Yahoo, Aol, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN. We Have Three Governments Running The Country. The Communist Media, Brainwashing The Walking Dead, The Communist Democrats And God’s Intervention The Trumpeteros.

The More Victories For President Trump The Safer And More Prosperous We Americans Will Be. Be Sure To Shout Fomo. Fo Mo Years.
Spirit Of America Party Radio Show.Abuton On You Tube.

Glenda Teems
Glenda Teems
2 years ago

I know we be fine after the attack last night! Because I knew the President will keep us safe, first time I feel safe, other President I would doubt their decision! I pray for the President , families and staff! I thank God for the President!

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