New White House Promotion Announced

The White House has announced that a deputy to acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has been promoted to a new technology position.

According to The Hill:

A deputy to acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney has been appointed as the special representative for international telecommunications policy.


Robert Blair will be tasked with coordinating American efforts to secure global communications infrastructure in that role, according to the White House, which made the announcement on Monday.

A large part of that effort will likely be related to the administration’s efforts in the arena of fifth-generation wireless networks, or 5G. The Trump administration and security experts have prioritized the transition to 5G networks, warning of the potential for national security threats if it is not managed correctly.

The next-generation networks would allow for an increasing amount of internet-connected devices, many of which may not be secured against cyberattacks.

The Trump administration has made it a goal to urge allies abroad to give contracts to companies other than Chinese giant Huawei.

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3 years ago

Edward Snowden stood up for our constitution & the American people against the filthy, corrupt, deep state NSA/Intelligence Community. He exposed their ILLEGAL, unconstitutional SPYING on American citizens. Intelligence Community top brass LIED to congress & denied their spying, however Snowden released the evidence PROVING they spied.

I would like to know WHY president Trump savages Snowden, calling him a traitor, for exposing the very deep state criminals that have been carrying out a 3 year coup against him. President Trump, PARDON SNOWDEN & REWARD him for doing the right thing & exposing the disgusting criminality of our deep state Intelligence Agencies.

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