Pompeo Says Trump Warned Russians About Election Meddling

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Contrary to the media narrative Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has stated that President Trump has, in fact, warned the Russians against meddling in upcoming elections.

According to The Hill:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday insisted that President Trump and a Russian diplomat discussed election interference at a recent White House meeting despite the Russian official’s claims to the contrary.


Asked by a reporter whether Trump had brought up the issue of Russian election interference and made clear that the U.S. would not accept future meddling, Pompeo said that he had.

“I will leave to the White House to give the details of what is said.  I never talk about what the President says in those private settings, but I can tell you that Foreign Minister [Sergey] Lavrov’s statement is not accurately a reflection of my recollection of that meeting,” Pompeo told reporters.

“[T]here is no mistake that President Trump made clear in the meeting that he had with Foreign Minister Lavrov and the rest of the Russian team that was there that President Trump personally, and America, finds their meddling in our elections unacceptable in the very same way that I had said it earlier to Foreign Minister Lavrov,” he continued.

Pompeo and Trump both suggest that election meddling was discussed while Lavrov says they did not. Pompeo’s strong statement looks like a message to the Russians.

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2 years ago

The FM was upset that POTUS didn’t have a RESET button for him to play with

Glenn Lego
Glenn Lego
2 years ago

Now Democrats meddling in elections, we can’t speak about them!

2 years ago

Obama/his administration worked with Israel’s deep state & leftist party there to meddle in their election. OUR tax $$ went to smearing Netanyahu, whom their deep state got indicted on ridiculous, trumped up charges this time around. Also there is hard evidence & Ukraine has admitted colluding with the Clinton campaign to smear Trump & get Hillary elected in 2016. So how come republicans let it all slide when they had full control of our govt. for 2 years?

2 years ago
Reply to  Cheryl

Good question! That subject irritates me like a burr under a saddle

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