REPORT: U.S. Leaders Misled Public on Afghanistan

White House [Public Domain]

A new report indicated that documents reveal that top leaders within the government mislead the American public on the situation in Afghanistan.

According to The Hill:

Senior U.S. officials knowingly concealed evidence showing a lack of progress throughout the 18-year war in Afghanistan, according to a cache of documents obtained by the Washington Post.


The interviews, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, span the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations and reveal U.S. officials frequently acknowledged the nation was wasting vast amounts of money attempting to transform and Westernize the nation.

“After the killing of Osama bin Laden, I said that Osama was probably laughing in his watery grave considering how much we have spent on Afghanistan,” retired Navy SEAL Jeffrey Eggers, a White House staffer in the Bush and Obama administrations, said in a private interview.

Interviewees also describe a deliberate disinformation campaign meant to spin discouraging statistics as evidence the U.S. was prevailing in the war.

It is unclear if this information led to President Trump’s insistence that the war in Afghanistan come to an end.

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3 years ago

Everything the govt. & the leftist billionaire owned media feeds the sheeple is lies, disinformation & propaganda. The narrative is carefully crafted, coordinated by the corporate media & distributed.

Oh, & president Trump, your “opioid crisis” is a total crock of $ hit! After watching the deep state federal government LIE about EVERYTHING for the past three years WHY do you believe this particular piece of propaganda? A Las Vegas journalist was suspicious of the astronomical climb in opioid deaths reported by area hospitals so decided to investigate. What she discovered was utterly disgusting. Las Vegas hospitals classify any death where opioids are present an “opioid death”. So if a 75 year old man dies of a heart attack & was taking opioids for his arthritis that death is labeled an opioid death. WAKE UP, president Trump, you are being played.

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