Trump’s Latest Trade Fight Targets French Wine and Cheese

via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump’s latest trade battle will target the importation of French wine and cheese. This is in response to taxes from France on big tech companies.

According to The Hill:

Industry groups are sounding the alarm on President Trump’s proposal to hit $2.4 billion in French goods with tariffs, warning that the latest trade salvo will affect a broad array of goods and its effects fall on U.S. consumers and small businesses.


The administration has proposed tariffs on a wide number of French products, including cheese, sparkling wine and Champagne, beauty products, handbags and home goods, in retaliation for a French tax on online services that targets American tech giants such as Google and Amazon.

Trade watchers warned the scope of the tariffs would be broad and lead to stark price hikes for consumers.

The trade between the two countries is significant. In 2018, the U.S. imported more than $700 million in wines, including sparkling wines like Champagne, and more than $200 million in dairy products such as cheese, according to the NRF.

It is also pointed out that France is a large importer of not only wine and cheese but luxury goods like cosmetics, watches, and handbags.

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gary vogt
gary vogt
2 years ago

Burn them the whole EU is taking advantage of the US. French wine sucks anyway.

Benjamin Blumberg
Benjamin Blumberg
2 years ago

This trade war with France can only happen because the Donald does not drink alcoholic beverages including wine and Champagne. The US used to produce perfectly acceptable champagnes in upstate New York, until the New York Legislature shot themselves in the foot by banning the export of these wines. Subsequently, they banned the export of fine cheeses that also could go head-to-head against the French products. Maybe they actually shot themselves in the head, because the NY legislature still hasn’t woken up to how they have damaged themselves and the citizens of NY State. Even AOC’s driving away 25,000 jobs doesn’t seem to have roused them from their brain-dead repose.

2 years ago

The surrender monkeys will be needing all the eatin’ cheese they can make for themselves during their absorption into the Caliphate.

2 years ago

Honestly…I don’t know of anyone who drinks French Wine. AND, none of the stores near me carries any French Cheese. I say to the President…GO FOR IT!!

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