White House Launches Addiction Treatment Website

The White House has launched a new website with the goal of helping people find treatment for addiction.

According to The Hill:

The White House on Wednesday launched a website aimed at making it easier for people to find addiction treatment, with a particular focus on fighting the opioid epidemic.


The website findtreatment.gov provides an easier way for people seeking treatment for addiction to find providers near them, officials said. The searches are customizable to allow people to search for a particular type of treatment or to find a provider that takes their insurance, such as Medicaid.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, who has helped lead the administration’s efforts to fight the opioid epidemic, said the announcement was the “latest building block” in their response.

“Too often people will just type into a search bar, need treatment,” Conway said on a call with reporters. “For years, if not decades, there has been an insufficient response to such a search.”

The opioid crisis and addiction have been a major focus of President Trump and his administration and this is just another step in the direction of solving it.

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4 years ago

This IS a fabulous Web Site. There are so many people who are having issues with drug addiction IMO, there shouldn’t be anyone who would ‘not’ want to take advantage of it.
This could only happen during the DJT Administration because of his genuine desire to help those who are confused or afraid to look on their own. Or, they may be to addicted to handle it for themselves. The parent’s of addicted children, or the children of addicted parents at least will now stand a chance.
Great Job, Mr. President. America really needs this.

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