WHITE HOUSE: Trump Happy With GOP’s Response to Impeachment

The White House is revealing that President Trump is happy with the GOP’s response to impeachment, especially the latest one where they stormed a secret hearing being held by Adam Schiff.

According to The Hill:

President Trump was happy to see House Republicans storm a closed-door hearing in protest of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Thursday.


“I’m glad they did it. The Dems have been doing everything behind closed doors and in secret and so it’s about time somebody made a very bold stand, which is I guess a sit-in, which is what they did. And it was great, and the point was well taken,” Grisham said on “Fox & Friends” when asked about the display.

“I think they showed full support for the president,” she added. “He was happy to see it happen. He was very supportive of it, as he should be.”

Trump in a later tweet thanked House Republicans for “being tough, smart, and understanding in detail the greatest Witch Hunt in American History.”

President Trump has continuously urged Republicans to make the responses to impeachment much tougher.


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