EXPERT: Trump’s Syria Decision Saves Lives

US Department of Defense

Retired Senior Intel Official Tony Shaffer is claiming that President Trump’s decision to remove troops from Syria save lives.

According to The Sun-Sentinel:

President Trump cares about America’s men and women in uniform in a way that his detractors can never fully understand, because he alone bears responsibility when the political class’s visions of glory give way to the grim realities of war. Plus — he understands that being tied down holding terrain makes our troops the target and removes our ability to remain agile and maintain the initiative.

When President Trump announced his decision to move American troops out of Northern Syria ahead of a military offensive by Turkey, Democrats and the Washington foreign policy establishment howled with outrage (note after years of inaction or concern under the Obama Administration who’s inaction resulted in 500,000 innocent people murdered).


They simply couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t put American lives on the line in order to micromanage a geopolitical conflict on the opposite side of the world in which U.S. interests are not directly at stake — the approach that war hawks spent decades carefully instituting as America’s de facto foreign policy position and that has now been adopted by the pro-war progressive wing of the Democrat party.

President Trump has different ideas. As he said during the recent Trump rally in Minneapolis, “Take a victory, United States. Bring our troops back home.”

Shaffer goes on to discuss the strategy that President Trump is implementing in foreign affairs that hasn’t been seen since the Reagan-era.

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Howard doty
Howard doty
4 years ago

Not one grain of sand in the mid-east is worth one American life. The Arabs have been at war with themselves and others since time immoral. I say let them decide who the Caliphate will be and then negotiate with the winner. Of course any action on their part which is a direct threat on our national security should immediately addressed. No boots on the ground, just hit them, if necessary from the air.

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