House Democrats Want Trump’s Lawsuit Against New York Dismissed

New York has passed a law requiring President Trump to disclose his tax returns. In response, President Trump has sued the state of New York and now House Democrats want that lawsuit dismissed.

According to The Hill:

House Democrats on Monday urged a federal judge to dismiss them from President Trump’s lawsuit challenging a New York law that allows congressional committees to request his state tax returns.


The Democrat-led Ways and Means Committee, Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) and committee aide Andrew Grossman — who are all named as defendants in the lawsuit — argued that Trump hasn’t been harmed by them and that they are immune from the lawsuit under the Constitution’s speech or debate clause.

The House’s lawyers noted that the Ways and Means Committee is participating in the House’s impeachment inquiry of Trump, and that the committee’s deliberations related to any actions it could take as part of that inquiry are protected from a legal challenge.

“As relevant here, the Committee could at some point decide to seek information under the [New York law] in connection with this impeachment inquiry,” the House’s lawyers wrote. “This inquiry, and any deliberation concerning any actions the Committee could potentially take in aid of it, underscores the reasons that the Clause provides absolute immunity for the Committee Defendants’ decision-making and related acts here.”

President Trump’s tax returns have yet to be requested despite the passing of the law.

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Glenn Lego
Glenn Lego
4 years ago

I hope he doesn’t let them bully him into turning over his tax return

4 years ago

To bad what these lefties want they are so guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors they need removed from office all benefits revoked and sued by President Trump for what they have put America and the true Americans threw with their lying fake garbage, can’t Barr stop this waist Of taxpayers money, for the fake and illegal garbage this secret garbage has to stop don’t trust any of these socialist politicians and they should be against the law in this Country, socialism, communism, Islamist, atheism, all need banned from any part of our government State and Federal

Audre Zembrzuski
Audre Zembrzuski
4 years ago

If they want to see his tax returns, they only have to go back to when he stepped into this office,
Otherwise his returns are his and not the country, What is wrong with you people that are asking for them Geg a life. And lets get rid of unions then we may have a better Democrat Party, as the
second party. I became a Republican when I saw how the Democrat Party told my Father how to
vote, they didn’t ask they told. And I have taught my family to do the same.

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