State Department Approves Weapons Sale to Ukraine

US Department of Defense

The State Department has announced the approval of a weapons sale to Ukraine worth around $39 million.

According to The Hill:

The State Department has informally notified Congress that it approved a potential $39 million sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, a congressional aide confirmed to The Hill.


The approval was first reported by Bloomberg, which said a formal announcement could come later Tuesday. The aide told The Hill a formal announcement should come “soon.”

The sale covers 150 Javelin missiles and 10 missile launchers, the aide said.

The approval of the sale comes as House Democrats pursue an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, in part over his handling of U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

The report indicates that the weapons are separate from the aid that was held up earlier this year.

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3 years ago

If Biden was an honest man nothing would have been held up. . . .he and his son blackmailed Ukraine until they paid the Bidens a hugh amount 1

3 years ago

Yes, I support President Trump’s Decisions. I wish he would stop acting Mad or Angry, we have this and it doesn’t look good when he loses his cool. Today was the first time I noticed it and I like it better when he is a FIGHTER. Not a Mad Fighter, but a cool fighter. Lord knows he has reason but soon all will be revealed. They can not impeach him, we have the Senate.

Geoffrey Bramhall
Geoffrey Bramhall
3 years ago

39 million? That’s going to hold off the Russians? Why not include some chewing
tobacco so they can more effectively spit at their invaders!

3 years ago

It’s all well and good to sell military equipment to the Ukraine. However, I would be watching closely at the DEMON CRATS that they don’t pull and O-slumber and STEAL the Profits!
So, the WH ccould say “they wouldn’t do that,” but let’s not forget how many trillions went MISSING during the previous Admin. I would send Steve Mnuchin with them, and have our President make a public announcement about it as well. I mean really give that to FOX. If not, our Military would be left hanging by the Dimms!

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