Gun Control Stalled by Impeachment Push

The Democrats new push for impeachment has delayed gun control from gaining traction in Congress.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

“Hard to imagine Trump doing a signing ceremony of anything with Speaker Pelosi at his side, and Democrats are the only ones agitating for gun control,” one staffer told the Free Beacon on Wednesday.


The inquiry, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.) officially labeled an impeachment investigation, will consume Washington for the weeks and months ahead, according to the sources. They also said it will be difficult to move key legislative priorities like a reworked North American trade deal and lowering the cost of prescription drugs, not to mention a passable gun control package.

“I think the impeachment stuff sucks up all the oxygen,” a second Senate staffer told the Free Beacon.

A third Senate staffer said gun control was something that wouldn’t be on the front burner at least “for a while” and that some staffers had already begun preparing for how to handle impeachment proceedings should they come.

This report comes from the Free Beacon with three different sources indicating the same thing.


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