North Korea Could get More Dangerous

North Korea has been a main focus of the Trump administration. The regime has been a danger for decades and one expert is warning that they could become even more dangerous by 2020.

According to Breitbart:

An expert from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which tracks military development around the world, told South Korean reporters on Monday the communist regime in North Korea may have as many as 40 nuclear weapons by the end of the year.


The research institute estimated that Pyongyang controlled between 20 and 30 nuclear weapons by the end of 2018.

Dictator Kim Jong-un has attempted, through several meetings with President Donald Trump and other world leaders, to portray his regime as being increasingly less interested in nuclear development and more interested in attracting tourism and foreign investment to keep Kim’s luxury lifestyle viable. North Korea is under one of history’s strictest global sanctions regime as a result of nuclear weapons testing in 2017, which even its closest ally, China, opposed.

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping most recently visited Pyongyang in June, vowing support for the communist regime there based on “shared ideals, beliefs, and goals.” Kim reportedly urged Xi to invest more heavily in the North Korean economy in exchange for loyalty on the world stage.

China has not attempted to use the U.N. to remove U.S. sanctions on North Korea, but that possibility does exist.

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2 years ago

IMHO? This is just another scare tactic by passing on a NEW, yet old tactic that Kim still remains a threat. I’m certain that our satellite surveillance is keeping pretty good track of what’s going on in N.K.
Although it appears scary, to common senses people, I don’t believe for a moment that Kim would take such a risk. His sanctions are heavy, but there are also the inspectors, who indeed should be keeping track of everything in N.K. as far as Dismantling the weapons he does have.
I believe it’s nothing more than hyperbole, BUT if I were the President, I would be sending the Secretary of State over there, with a few inspectors. Sure, they probably have some hidden, but extended talks with Kim are necessary. That would put an end to the rumors. The opposing side would do ‘anything’ to start a nuke armed conflict. That would play right into the Left’s hands.

Benjamin Blumberg
Benjamin Blumberg
2 years ago

It appears to me that Kim is not really in control of his country OR of his military. Who is in control? Kim’s sister? The military? Someone we have never heard about?

Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark
2 years ago

Put nukes back in South Korea ! That will get the Chinese to force Kim to dismantle his nukes. Once that happens, we agree to remove our nukes from SOKO. This is not new…we had nukes in SOKO in the 1950s !! “Talk” will not end this crisis, but China could end it fast if they had to !!

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