Senator Grassley Urges Passing of the USMCA

President Trump has gotten an ally as his new trade agreement, the USMCA, makes its way through Congress.

Senator Chuck Grassley recently published an article urging for its passing.

According to the Quad-City Times:


Small and rural communities often depend on trade and export markets to keep the lights on and the doors open at their farms and businesses. The new North American trade deal – the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) – is a critical step to improving access to two of our most important markets: Canada and Mexico.

Iowa has a particularly important trade relationship with these two nations. Canada and Mexico are Iowa’s top trading partners, in that order. Together, they bought over half of the overall value of exported goods from Iowa in 2018. The total value of products exported to Canada in 2018 equaled $4.2 billion and $2.3 billion to Mexico.

If ratified by Congress, USMCA would be a boon for Iowa and the entire country. The importance of trade with our North American neighbors can’t be understated. It accounts for nearly one-third of our nation’s agricultural exports, totaling over $40 billion and supporting more than 300,000 jobs. More than 43,000 American manufacturers export to Mexico and Canada, supporting approximately two million American jobs. Roughly 130,000 small- and medium-sized businesses export billions of dollars worth of goods to Mexico and Canada every year. USMCA improves access to these critical markets and creates important new export opportunities.

Farmers producing dairy, poultry and eggs would all see improvements under USMCA. The trade deal would open new Canadian markets for U.S. dairy products, specifically milk. It would preserve tariff-free market access for dairy products in Mexico and would also provide Canada new and improved access to U.S. poultry and eggs. This helps Iowa in particular, as we are the number one egg-producing state in the country. Mexico is the top importer of U.S. turkey and Canada is not far behind. As the fifth-largest turkey processor and eighth-largest turkey producer nationwide, Iowa would see direct positive impacts from USMCA.

Grassley also pointed out that the new trade agreement will offer a boost for manufacturing in the United States.

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3 years ago

Pelosi needs to get off her ass and do something good for this country. If she does not like a part of this deal, then Pelosi needs to say so. We need these things to be debated in public forums, and Nancy and her gavel need to heed to the betterment of American’s and not continue to do all she can to destroy the country, then blame it on the opposition which is Pelosi’s norm. Right now I guess she is far too busy with her nephew, California governor Gavin Newsom, putting the finishing touches on the very devisive CA voter plan so that state would have so many voters so as to out vote the rest of America – then we can have homelessness, poverty, drugs, crime and human feces strung across America as they do in LA and her district of San Francisco. The old bat needs her gavel removed now, not later.

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