Trump Scores Three Big Wins at G-7

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump recently returned to Washington from France where he attended the G-7 conference.

Reports are indicating that he scored three major wins while there.

According to Fox News:


And they’ve pulled off three big scores in Biarritz.

Topping the list is Iran. Iran is a major worry for the G-7 this summer, overshadowing even Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The G-7’s second success was riding out the Russia debate. Trump again brought up the possibility of readmitting Russia, who was kicked after annexing Crimea in 2014.

And finally:

There was Macron on Monday, calling out China’s intellectual property theft, trade dumping and currency manipulation. The solid front on China was the third big win in Biarritz. With China’s assault on rules and freedom and Russia’s aggression, the G-7 is needed more than ever.

The liberal media will work to categorize the trip is a failure and in doing so will likely hide these wins.

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3 years ago

President Trump might have walked home across the Atlantic Ocean on foot
and the DEMIs and the False Media would accuse him of disturbing the high seas!!!!!
Watch them all stop talking about a recession and China know!
Jim, whose real name is ABILIO Acosta threw a little Sissy Mary fit and the
President simply smiled. He just ordered more toilet tissue with Abilio’s
face for the White House lavatories.
It helps in the biological process.

Martin Korab
3 years ago

President Trump is God’s Gift to America. Everything he touches, turns to gold. He is a true businessman and the best negotiating president this country ever had. In comparison to room temperature IQ and lazy Obama, President Trump is a genius. All the people in the USA should realize how great President Trump is and get behind him 1000%. I want my portfolio to grow, not lose money, so why would I trust some member of the Democratic Communist Party with my hard earned money ? I was born at night, but not last night. GO TRUMP ! Sincerely, Martin Korab

Andrea Bell
3 years ago

Great comments about our GREAT
PRESIDENT! I agree completely!

3 years ago

He is the best, most financially savvy genius, America has ever had for a president. And all because ‘HE’S NOT A POLITICIAN. ??????????❤️❤️❤️

3 years ago

I “KNOW” one thing, GOD Himself appoints men to the offices of leadership as in king, or presdient etc etc as per Daniel 5:21/Col 1:16 KJV and as GOD Himself has installed Donald Trump as President of this nation, and Ill say this, I am praying, that what his is to accomplish, that he will get what needs to get done will be! This nation needs leadership! BHO provided none, so…PLEASE, “PRAY” for our President and for his enemies and that what they desire to do, comes to nothing!

3 years ago

These summits are much different than the ones where prior administrations went. How sickening was it to watch prior Presidents standing at photo ops , grinning ear to ear. Was anything ever done? Only President Trump confronts the other leaders. He forced them to address the hard issues publicly, like Macron had to about China. Brilliant, President Trump. This will definitely help in the Trade negotiations.
In past years, these World leaders looked forward to meeting and glad-handing each other, going to scenic locales, and feasting on great food. Taxpayer paid vacays. I would imagine that these days with President Trump showing up, there is quite a bit of butt clenching going on both there and in the days before arriving. To coin a phrase used by Obama – prior arrivals on Air Force One were the JV squad. Now the Major league arrives.

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