Trump Promises to Not do This to Greenland if U.S. Buys it

President Trump’s intentions to buy Greenland were exposed not long ago Some thought the idea was odd, others welcomed it.

President Trump took the opportunity to have a little fun with it too tweeting out a promise if the U.S. were to purchase the island.

According to Town Hall:


President Trump joked about what he wouldn’t do to Greenland if the U.S. purchased the island, tweeting out a photoshopped picture of a Trump Tower in the territory.

Trump confirmed the reports he has considered purchasing Greenland, the semi-autonomous Danish territory, over the weekend, telling reporters it would be like a “large real estate deal.”

“A lot of things can be done. It’s hurting Denmark very badly because they’re losing almost $700 million a year carrying it,” he said. “So, they carry it at great loss, and strategically for the United States, it would be nice. And, we’re a big ally of Denmark and we help Denmark, and we protect Denmark.”

The suggestion has been widely criticized by politicians in the region, with Denmark’s prime minister saying it’s “an absurd discussion” and Greenland’s foreign minister, Ane Lone, noting “we are open for business, but we’re not for sale.”

President Trump has clarified that purchasing Greenland is not his number one priority, however.


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