Here’s The Craziest Fake News the Media Has Published

The Fake News media has sunk to a new low, publishing a story that ties Russia to Trump because… they both like hamburgers. Fox News reports:

The Washington Post Magazine was ridiculed for publishing an online story Tuesday that ties President Trump to Russia because he enjoys hamburgers, which were sometimes served in the Soviet Union nearly a century ago.

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer famously joked in 2017 that the media would find a “Russian connection” if Trump put Russian dressing on his salad. Two years later, the Post took Spicer’s theory a step further with an article headlined, “Even one of Trump’s favorite foods has a hidden Russia connection.”

The piece, written by journalist and cookbook author Deena Prichep, claims that hamburgers were once “embraced by the hammer and sickle” because they were served in the Soviet Union. The article has been slammed on social media and many readers initially thought it was a joke.

“At first you read this thinking its satire. Then, sadly, it hits you that the Washington Post has gone full-on tinfoil hat conspiracy theory garbage,” political satirist Tim Young told Fox News.


If liking hamburgers makes you a Russian, America would have never defeated the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The media is grasping at straws more than ever, and receiving widespread condemnation because of idiotic stories like these.


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