Justice Department Comes Out Against Democrat Demand For Trump’s Taxes

The Justice Department released a statement backing up the Treasury Departments decision to not give House Democrats copies of President Trump’s tax returns on Friday. As Townhall reports:

Well, in case you missed it, the Treasury Department got some legal support from the Justice Department, which offered a legal opinion concerning the House Democrats’ crusade to get ahold of Donald Trump’s tax returns. In fact, they want six years worth of returns, including those from his business interests. It’s a witch-hunt. It’s all part of the Democrats’ endless search and destroy mission. They want something they can pursue impeachment proceedings on now that the Mueller report has torched their Russian collusion play. Last Friday, the DOJ was quite clear: Treasury doesn’t have to surrender jack to Democrats (via Roll Call):

The Justice Department released an opinion Friday that backed up the Treasury Department’s decision not to give Congress copies of President Donald Trump’s tax returns, concluding that the “true aim” was to make the documents public and that “is not a legitimate legislative purpose.”


The Office of Legal Counsel opinion comes after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin refused to comply with a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns from House Ways and Means Chairman Richard E. Neal last month.

The OLC acknowledges that a law does not require Neal to state a purpose when requesting tax returns.

It’s well past time the Justice Department pushed back against the unhinged demands of this Democratic Congress’s Anti-Trump witchhunt.


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