President Trump’s Trade Measure to Strengthen the American Economy


The Office of the United States Trade Representative released a statement saying that trade relations with both Mexico and Canada would be normalized with the lifting of tariffs for steel and aluminium. These policies will protect other US industries from unfair tariffs while maintaining fair and equal trade when it comes to the steel and aluminium industries. The statement reads as follows:

Washington, DC –Today, the United States announced an agreement with Canada and Mexico to remove the Section 232 tariffs for steel and aluminum imports from those countries and for the removal of all retaliatory tariffs imposed on American goods by those countries.  The agreement provides for aggressive monitoring and a mechanism to prevent surges in imports of steel and aluminum. If surges in imports of specific steel and aluminum products occur, the United States may re-impose Section 232 tariffs on those products. Any retaliation by Canada and Mexico would then be limited to steel and aluminum products. This agreement is great news for American farmers that have been subject to retaliatory tariffs from Canada and Mexico. At the same time, the Agreement will continue to protect America’s steel and aluminum industries.


Joint Statement by the United States and Canada on Section 232 Duties on Steel and Aluminum

Joint Statement by the United States and Mexico on Section 232 Duties on Steel and Aluminum

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larry harvey
larry harvey
4 years ago

When Trump starts trade wars by imposing tariffs, he taxes American consumers who must pay more for many goods; also our Manufacturers must pay more for their inputs which raises their costs and makes them less competitive. When foreign countries retaliate by imposing tariffs on American goods, our manufacturers and farmers lose their foreign markets thus our economy is squeezed. Trump’s trade wars not only against Canada and Mexico but other nations including China and the European Union are a disaster.

Raymond F Miller
Raymond F Miller
4 years ago
Reply to  larry harvey

Yah BUT, when all is said and done our co.’s will do better and when it all shakes out the US will be on top.

4 years ago

Correct. Perhaps a bit of ‘ Dis-comfort’ during Transition,
But LONG Run IS GOOD & Will Stabilize.
Thank You, Mr. President.

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