Democrats Hold Barr in Contempt of Congress

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have decided to hold AG Barr in contempt, despite him offering the full report with only redactions of classified information. The Daily Caller reports:

The House Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to vote to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for not giving the committee special counsel Robert Mueller’s full, unredacted report.

The committee, led by New York Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, originally gave Barr a deadline of 9 a.m. Monday to turn in the full report with no redactions, which many Republicans believe would be dangerous due to the possibly sensitive material that could be leaked.


Nadler scheduled the congressional contempt vote for Wednesday at 10 a.m. All Democrats present voted to advance the vote to hold Barr in contempt of Congress in the procedural vote. The vote to hold Barr in contempt will occur later Wednesday.

The White House said Wednesday the president would use executive privilege to prevent Democratic lawmakers from getting the materials they’re requesting.

Democrats would want classified material publicly released, even though it would damage American national security. They are willing to put sectional interests over America’s general interest.


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