Trump Nominates New Fed Board Member

via Wikimedia Commons

President has selected a new Federal Reserve board member, Stephen Moore, a renowned economist and strong supporter since 2016. The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump announced Friday morning that he will nominate Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve board of governors.

Moore has long been a supporter of Trump, including throughout the 2016 presidential election. He has written approvingly of the president’s criticisms of the Federal Reserve.


“I believe the people on the Federal Reserve Board should be thrown out for economic malpractice,” he said in December.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is interviewed on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” March 10, 2019. CBS News screenshot.

This nomination will further solidify President Trump’s economic agenda and ensure further prosperity.

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2 years ago

Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

Albert Gomez Leonardi
Albert Gomez Leonardi
2 years ago

Only Andrew Jackson had that love for the country that risked his life to take down the federal reserve bank, and he did it!
He had written in his tomb stone, “I killed the bank”
So from then to now, no one else did it or could even try it.
Thanks God for president Donald Trump!

R. D. Roseborough
R. D. Roseborough
2 years ago

Possibly the only area in which I DISAGREE with the POTUS is in his wanting the FED to lower interest rates. Low income retirees all over this country rely upon monthly CDs for income. When I retired, the rate was 4.5% which gave me a fairly decent monthly income on my IRA. When the rates were dropped to virtually zero, I managed to get ~1.6%, but my monthly IRA income dropped from $450/month to ~$160/mo. The “experts” at Salomon Smith Barney brokerage firm managed to lose 30-40% of my retirement dollars in the early 2000s crash. My wife left me and took half of everything I had left in the divorce. Wall Street MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRES were KEPT FROM LOSING A DIME by the government’s PRINTING of PAPER MONEY, which debt my grandchildren will have to pay. I believe the FED should LEAVE THE INTEREST RATES ALONE and LET THE MARKET CONTROL THE INTEREST RATE by the rules of SUPPLY AND DEMAND. INSTEAD OF PRINTING MONEY TO KEEP FROM INCREASING DEBT, CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING!!! Stephen Moore will only be a yes-man for keeping interest rates low.

Bob L.
Bob L.
2 years ago

It would be far better to abolish “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and let the free market and Treasury Department regain their rightful roles in the economy.

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