President Trump Shows Progress In War Against ISIS

President Trump held up a map showing the dwindling territory held by the Islamic State, restricted to a single village now and surrounded by hostile forces. Fox News reports:

President Trump on Wednesday brandished a striking map showing how the Islamic State’s presence in Syria has diminished since he took office, while vowing the deadly terrorist network will be gone “by tonight” as he showed reporters the tiny spot representing their last stand.

“I brought this out for you because, this is a map … everything in the red — this was on Election Night in 2016 — everything red is ISIS,” he told reporters, pointing to a top image that showed large parts of the region covered in red.

“When I took it over, it was a mess. Now, on the bottom — that’s the exact same — there is no red,” he said, pointing to an image below. “In fact, there’s actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight,” he added.

“So this is ISIS on Election Day, my Election Day, and this is ISIS now,” he said. “So that’s the way it goes.”


This victory is a huge credit to the US Armed Forces and its allies. The world will be safer with this scourge destroyed in Syria.

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Robert Stone
1 year ago

Well king Obama called them J.V. and since we all know his promise about a transparent administration and how honest he was, it could not have been hard to do.

Larry Harvey
Larry Harvey
1 year ago

ISIS is a terror organization which does not need to occupy land to conduct its nefarious activities. In spite of Trump’s claims, it remains as dangerous as ever.

1 year ago

I think I’d hit Syria with a neutron bomb, wipe out all the people and leave the buildings standing. Think of all the savings of life and sorrow there would be…

Gladys Randolph
Gladys Randolph
1 year ago

Promises made, and promises kept. I don’t think any of us thought ISIS would be defeated, especially this quickly.