Here’s What America Will Do If Maduro Crosses the Line

Senator Marco Rubio has issued a stark warning to socialist Maduro, warning him not to touch American diplomats. The Free Beacon reports:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) warned Thursday of a strong U.S. response should any harm befall American diplomats in Venezuela.

Rubio spoke to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell about the safety of U.S. diplomats in Venezuela and threats from Nicolas Maduro, whom the United States does not recognize as the country’s rightful president.


“If any harm should come to these diplomats of the United States, I want everyone to know, the consequences, I believe, from this administration … will be swift and they’ll be decisive,” Rubio said. “I know this for certainly.”

Maduro won reelection earlier this month in a vote rejected as fraudulent by world governments. His administration has violently cracked down on protestors, drained public funds, and allowed hyperinflation, hunger and allowed unemployment skyrocket.

The Venezuelan crisis will soon come to a dramatic conclusion.

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3 years ago

I don’t care what they do in that country . I care about our country being invade . And the sorry DOJ and the corrupt judicial system and the Violent Lawless FBI . All while we too are having the likes of Pelosi and congress along with the others thinking they are our dictators. Look around we are the new Venezuela

3 years ago
Reply to  Gail

Gail, the Dems/Rinos/ & Establishment, Want USA to
mirror Venezuela. A few more yrs of Open Borders
will ‘tip demographics’, to the point of No Return.
& will ‘please’ the 1 World/ New World Order Globalist

Stan Lee
Stan Lee
3 years ago

A contention we may have concerning Venezuela is a fact that Russia, China, and Iran have been gradually encroaching on Venezuela. Putin has signaled warnings to other nations (aimed at USA) that he has interests in Venezuela. He did buy two Venezuelan oil fields, as he seeks to be more competitive in the world oil market, since he’s presently doing marginally because his present oil resources cannot be produced at prices competitive enough to challenge USA and other producers who can bring it up for less, then sell for less. Russia is basically an oil station, with secondary market of tanks, AK’s, stuff to sell to client countries interested in military hardware. Other than that, Russia’s export market is flat. Putin dispatched two Russian A.F. heavy bombers which are now parked on a Venezuelan military airdrome, perhaps to ensure that he is present in Venezuela. The USAF is in Florida, Puerto Rico, and southern states of the USA. I’m sure Putin has taken notice. Even as important, is the new Venezuelan government operating, and getting rid of Maduro’s presence by allowing him safe passage out.

3 years ago
Reply to  Stan Lee

Stan Lee. Altho, this-that-& ‘other’ things going on.
I’m Glad Russia acquieces 2 0il fields. Good. They
NEED. & i’ll take your word w/out research/verification.
> We have Plenty.
> China IS our ‘villain’.

3 years ago

Maduro is nothing but a socialist dictator who is no different than all the others who have destroyed all they touch. Personally, I don’t have a problem sending in Seal Team 6 and putting an end to his reign of terror , ending him AND preventing him from hopping on a plane & moving to Russia or any other Nation willing to offer his solace.
Swine protecting Swine!

3 years ago

Should NOT be US biz to assassinate ‘other leaders’.
> Removal to EXILE is better. Let Russia handle ‘that’.
>What happened to Napoleon ? Exile. Hitler? (some say)
‘Escaped/ Exiled in S.America.
> Plenty of ‘remote Islands’ . Maduro doesn’t even
‘deserve’ Guantanamo Bay. Nope.

3 years ago
Reply to  zee

ps. USA has ‘plenty’ Quasi leaders to be taken
‘care of ‘. Ahem, cough-cough.
> SAVEUSA from ‘5th Column’ Within’.
> STAY STRONG, MR. President, You MUST.
No matter What.

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