This Obama Rule Could Help Communist China

A lawsuit brought by the Obama administration back in 2016 could end up hurting American companies in the face of Chinese attacks. Fox News reports:

An obscure federal lawsuit brought against American tech company Qualcomm in the waning days of the Obama administration has generated fresh concern among conservatives that the case is inadvertently helping China at a time when the Trump White House is pursuing hardline policies against Beijing.

The antitrust case, originally brought against Qualcomm by the independent Federal Trade Commission in January 2017, just went to trial last week. Curiously, the government used testimony from controversial Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies – a move that has outraged and baffled many supporters of President Trump who accuse China of stealing U.S. technology and exploiting the American market.

“We’ve got a presidential administration, on one hand, talking about Huawei being a national security threat and stealing our intellectual property,” Jenny Beth Martin, a conservative columnist and co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, told Fox News. “On the other hand, we have the FTC bringing a representative of Huawei to the witness stand to testify against an American company.

“It’s a contradiction and I just don’t understand it,” Martin added. “We’ve got two parts of the government working against themselves.”

America needs to shape up and dedicate all its resources to standing up against Communist China, not helping them.

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