President Trump’s New Counter-terrorism Strategy

US Department of Defense

The U.S. Military has stepped up its unconventional warfare against radical groups around the world. The Free Beacon reports:

The Trump administration is undertaking efforts to grow and advance the U.S.’s “low-visibility, irregular warfare” operations across the globe, according to a new directive issued by the Pentagon.

A new Defense Department directive issued after approval from Congress authorizes and directs the Defense Department to amp up military support to foreign forces and “irregular forces [and] groups” in conflict zones across the world, according to authorizations granted in the annual 2018 defense budget.


Efforts will focus on growing U.S. military assistance to “to provide support to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups, or individuals engaged in supporting or facilitating ongoing irregular warfare operations by U.S. Special Operations Forces,” according to the Congressional authorization.

The Defense Department has been allocated $10 million a year during the next three years to fund these irregular warfare operations.

America is still under threat from radical Islamist groups, and President Trump will not let them rest.

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Tony Winters
Tony Winters
5 years ago

I like this idea, the first place to test out this new concept is on our Southern board , the American Citizens living along our boarders have been dealing with radical groups form the south for decades, human traffickers, drug runners and just plain old Illegal Aliens. This is an invasion of our country and must be stopped.

Mathew Mok
Mathew Mok
5 years ago

I have no problem with the way he is handling it already. When WAS the last terrorist attack on American soil? Wasn’t it back when the royal exalted boma was pretending to be President?

Hey, Don Trump is the President and I am not. – I stand with him 1000% If I thought I could do a better job I would have run against him. ,,,, Just what was he thinking when he appointed that slug Jeff the inert Sessions? Hey nobody is perfect.

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