President Trump’s Breakthrough Initiative

President Trump’s signature initiative could end up satisfying both sides of the political spectrum. The Washington Examiner reports:

Thursday’s roundtable at President Trump’s summer White House in New Jersey to address prison and sentencing reform with governor’s is the latest bid by top aide Jared Kushner to give his father-in-law a rare bipartisan victory on a once controversial issue.

In getting Trump to carve out part of his working vacation at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., Kushner and other officials are hoping to demonstrate how important the issues are to the president as he works to get a Senate vote in the next month.


Trump’s meeting this afternoon with governors, state attorneys general, and top aides is the latest in which he will endorse prison reform and he is also expected to open the door to sentencing reform, a sign to key senators that he is ready for a deal.

Just last week he met with Trump met with Republican Sens. Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott and Chuck Grassley who are working legislation on sentencing and prison reform.

This is a monumental step forward in rehabilitating reformed convicts into society.

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5 years ago

Nancy Pelosi openly admitted that Democrats in Congress see themselves as representing illegal aliens and working to promote their interests. To read the article, follow the link below. . . .

Per the Constitution people from IL, for example, represent the citizens of IL. They represent only the citizens, who voted them into office, not visitors, non-citizens in IL. They do not represent the citizens of CA or any other place. Including sanctuary places.

So why do they think they are representatives of illegal immigrants? They are turning the govt on it’s head! They are doing this, not because they are more compassionate for the plight of illegals, but to get voters. This is to MTPG. To Make The Party Great, not America! They shouldn’t get a single vote in the future as they have sold out citizens! The democrats have been placing the party first for decades. Everything is a political tool to get votes for the party. Even something like racism since they don’t care about the victims of racism.

The govt is well, a govt. It is not a charitable, do good works org. That is the role of churches. Mosques too except they do not do good works. Jihad is the name of their game

Not on topic but the democrats are not doing what the were elected to do. they should all be impeached.

Jan Turner
Jan Turner
5 years ago
Reply to  ter334

We need to stop referring to all the illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants” or any other type of “immigrant” and call them what they really are: INVADERS!!! I wish the president, and all of the conserative media and politicians would start referring to them as INVADERS! Maybe, maybe, maybe it would ultimately get through to the Dimms that they are, in fact, invaders!

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