The Pro-Trump Celebrities No One Told You About: Part 2

One tough actor, two snarky comedians, and an outspoken game show host you see nearly everyday on your television. Can you guess who?





Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

#4: Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis endorsed Trump for the presidency and this, coming from the Die Hard actor himself, is incredible to hear. An actor supporting Trump let alone endorsing him is a giant surprise.



Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr


#2 & #3: Trey Parker & Matt Stone

The creators of politically incorrect animated series South Park are both Trump supporting Republicans. They made headlines when they announced that they were Republicans at an award show earlier this year. This is a total shock mostly because Trump is the target of a lot of their jokes, I guess there are no hard feelings for these two guys.


Photo by Cpl. Tom Sloan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

#1: Pat Sajak

The Wheel of Fortune host is a super Republican. His Twitter feed is loaded with takedowns of high-profile never-Trumpers.


Is there anyone on the list we should have include? Let us know in the comments!

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Robert Stone
3 years ago

These people have been around long enough and probably rich enough that they can afford the backlash from liberal hollywierd. I have heard more than one story about younger and poorer conservative people that have found their ability to find work in hollywierd go away after coming out of the closet about being conservative.

Bill Cash
3 years ago

I’m not surprised here. I was never a fan of the then Donald Trump. But this guy has done and is doing some good things for the nation. I don’t think even HE had any idea of how great the “swamp” was when he first took office. But those who oppose him up there don’t want their “playhouse” exposed and torn up. Pelosi and Schumer are the up front people. But congress is full of them. Many in Hollywood are in the same category and are supported by those in Washington. So when someone steps out of line Owners, producers, and directors make their life miserable if they can. I’m my own man, always have been, and I admire anyone who has the fortitude to stand up and be counted.

Marilyn J. Montgomery
3 years ago

Yes – you’ve DEFINITELY forgotten James Woods! He’s been faithful and openly supportive! Bruce Willis may be a great supporter, but evidently doesn’t speak about it as loudly as he should. Ditto the other guys. Blessings on James Woods!

3 years ago

I loved Pat on Wheel of fortune! His sense of humor is outstanding!!

Nancy Anderson
2 years ago

Please don’t forget James Woods. The things he has to say to the left are so remarkable. He just comes out with it and doesn’t give a fig who likes it and who doesn’t . I would vote for him if he decided to run for President. In the meantime I’m behind President Trump all the way.

1 year ago

Charlie Daniels rest his soul…
He will be sorely missed!!!
God rest his soul!

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