Washington Post Rejects Anti-Trump Candidate’s Allegations

By 1600 Staff

Richard Painter, a former Bush administration official running as a Democrat in Minnesota, was called out for spreading falsehoods about President Trump and his nomination of a replacement for Justice Kennedy to the Supreme Court.

The Washington Free Beacon Reports:

The Post gave Minnesota Senate candidate Richard Painter and Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden both “Four Pinocchios” for implying Kennedy’s decision to retire was influenced by his son’s work at Deutsche Bank, a bank Trump has done business with. Painter tweeted a New Republic story speculating about Kennedy’s “shady” relationship with Trump and remarked, “the circumstances of Justice Kennedy’s resignation must be investigated.” This earned him Four Pinocchios, the Post’s designation for the most false statements, or “whoopers.”

“It would be explosive if Kennedy’s decision to vote a certain way or to retire was based on Deutsche Bank’s dealings with Trump more than a decade ago. Scratching below the surface, there’s no evidence to justify these theories,” fact-checker Salvador Rizzo wrote.

. . .

Painter, George W. Bush’s former ethics lawyer who’s now running as a Democrat against Sen. Tina Smith (D., Minn.), tweeted a New Republic article implying that something “shady” exists between Trump and Kennedy.

The Minnesota Democrat alleged that there were deep financial ties between the president and Justice Kennedy, and implied that there was a transaction that took place to replace him. The former Bush official is repeating irresponsible conspiracy theories. Many attribute this to sour grapes left over. It is notable that the allegations are so irresponsible that even the Washington Post had to reel them in before they became mainstream among the president’s opposition.

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