President Trump Cutting Even More Regulations

By 1600 Staff

President Trump is ramping up to cut even more regulations, this time, through legislation from the Republican congress.


Washington Examiner reports:

House Republicans will make a new push next week to rein in federal rules and regulations that can cost local governments companies millions of dollars each year — 23 years after Republicans first sought to limit unfunded federal mandates. GOP leaders will call up legislation to amend the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995. That law required agencies to try to limit the cost of federal rules on local governments and companies, but Republicans say it has fallen short of its promise over the last two decades, and needs improvement.

For example, the original law required agencies to consider less expensive alternatives to “major” regulations that will impose costs of $100 million or more per year. Republicans say the government has found several ways around that rule. For example, the 1995 law says closer scrutiny of regulations is only required when those regulations are launched with a notice of proposed rulemaking, but a federal report found that about one third of these major rules aren’t launched that way.

The bill, from Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., would close that loophole and require scrutiny for all major rules, regardless of how they came about. According to a Republican report on the bill, several independent federal agencies are exempt from the original law, but Foxx’s bill would correct that.

President Trump has already cut more regulations than any modern president. With the help of Congress, the president will move to close the loopholes that are protecting even more regulations, if they can reform a Clinton era law. The law must still work it’s way through the Senate, which may obstruct the president like many other of the president’s agenda items.

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