Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: ‘Stand Tough on Trade’

“… To allow foreign imports to go unchecked is to allow the United States’ steel industry to wither away. This impairs our national security.”

Stand tough on trade: It’s a start to give support to U.S. manufacturing
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 25, 2018


Reorienting America’s economy to stop letting cheap foreign-made products drive American manufacturers out of business, and workers into low-wage occupations, is going to take some time. [Secretary of Commerce Wilbur] Ross spoke the truth: The actions taken by the president are necessary to revive America’s essential steel and aluminum industries. Moreover, to allow foreign imports to go unchecked is to allow the United States’ steel industry to wither away. This impairs our national security. Imagine the U.S. having to retool for war and then trying to get steel from China for that war.

Mr. Trump campaigned to revive American heavy industry, and he won key manufacturing states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan as a result. His tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on imported aluminum, even against key U.S. allies Canada and the European Union, are only a starting point for a long-term policy. But they are a good starting point.

Mr. Trump is forcing a re-examination of America’s trade policies, and making other countries consider the consequences of the trade war they have long waged upon us. The goal is nothing less than the restart of U.S. industry and the reclamation of American jobs.

Read the full editorial here.

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Big t
Big t
5 years ago

Alwsys new obama was a Muslim and believer in the teaching of the Cochran teachings
Everything he did was a take down on America he wanted to be king and turned into a pawn of Iran along with that joker kerty

5 years ago

It absolutely thrills my heart to read an article praising the president for his grand efforts to help our nation. I thank God for this beautiful blessing of His grace provided through President Trump. I will continue to pray for him and our nation. And might I say thank God and pray that He will bless the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette.

5 years ago

Establishment politicians along with pundits and with most main stream journalists do not understand economics and certainly not the negative consequences of the policies of ‘FREE (“i.e. no tariff”) ‘trade policy and the deficit trade balance and lost industry entities in the USA that has been the result. President Trump seeks to force a more balanced scales in trade agreements with all other countries both friend and perceived foe.
Imposing tariffs may well give all of them the incentive to cooperate.

Virinder K Seth
Virinder K Seth
5 years ago

I am aware, that by writing this, I will be called a dumb and stupid supporter of President Donald Trump.
Honestly, I do not care.
I am very disappointed that people treat the president in such a horrible way. The derogatory language used against the president is shocking. He is daily mocked for no valid reason at all. He is being picked on for his hairstyle, governing style, Russian meddling in our internal matters, etc. Valid or not, we should not be indulging in this type of conduct no matter what. And also, they are not important enough to waste our energies and resources on. How does it matter what his hairstyle is or the way he communicates. We should be focusing on the superb performance he has shown in the last 16 months that he has been in the office. Let me highlight some of his achievements, in case people have forgotten:
1 Taking steps to make Korean peninsula nuclear-free zone. Whether he eventually succeeds or not is not essential. He has brought the world at the doorstep of peace. Instead of ridiculing him all the time, work with him, pray for him and encourage him so that he can achieve this breakthrough.
I am really sad about Mr Schummer and MsPelosi.They are constant complainers. They have so much negativity it is really unbelievable. They would rather destroy the country rather than acknowledging the successes of the president.
2 Took China head-on, on the South China Sea, trade, and military
3 Dealing with Taiwan without China
4 Appointment of conservative judges to Supreme Court
5 Economy- More jobs, more productivity, Dow on the rise,
Direct foreign investment into the US from US companies
as well as foreign entities
6 Improvements in Veteran Affairs
7 Tremendous improvement in Immigration
8 Removing all the irrelevant regulations
9 Made NATO members pay more for their own defence
10 Bring some sanity to trade with our allies by using tariff provisions.
These are the few of many accomplishments to his credit.
Acknowledge them and thank the president. Your integrity and character lie in such an acceptance.
I reject Democrats. They are not happy when the president achieves something good for the country. They are happy when the president is stuck in some problem like this Russian investigation. They are so ticked off at losing the elections in 2016 that they would do anything to make the life of the president difficult. They are not helping in the confirmation process of various judges and other federal appointments. They are a stumbling block in anything that president wishes to do. It is so sickening that these Democrats will go after the president even if it destroys the country
People like Robert De Niro, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and the
Hollywood, in general, are making the president somebody to joke about to sell their shows. How pathetic can one be? Don’t they have their own jokes? Why downgrade somebody to make your living? Alec Baldwin looks totally ridiculous when he copies the president. Kathy Griffin thinks she is being funny by holding the president’s head in blood and insulting the first lady
I had great respect for Anderson Cooper and Mr Blitzer of CNN. I am disappointed in them. They have also jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon.
Virinder Seth
[email protected]

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