WATCH: Clinton and Obama Said It Couldn’t Be Done

White House Photographer Pete Souza

By 1600 Staff

The White House released a video showcasing the miraculous economic growth that Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama never thought was possible. The results are stunning, and thankfully, they were wrong.


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4 years ago

Obama, Clinton and all the democrat leaders believe everything done should be by the democrat party. When the government is suppose to supply jobs, it falls apart. Look what Obama did, he added 10 trillion to the deficit and what did the people get, two jobs if you worked in a small company of 50 employees or less, not because you had a choice by you could only work 20 hours a week do to Obama care a disaster in the making and the chief of the program said it was built on lies. America under Obama bowed to the thugs of the world and started to make our military weak. Only the government grew and all got big fat raises during Obama’s years. A shadow government was started in Obama’s last term to take down a republican if they happen to beat Clinton. It was an insurance to keep Obama’s legacy, which is going to be the worst President in our history and the Presidency that ran the biggest criminal organization in history including the IRS, DOJ, FBI, SOS, EPA and Dept. of Energy. The problem with the democrats are they are clueless on how to fix anything and government cannot grow the economy only hinder it with taxes and regulations a government platform for the democrats. The regulations, government interference and taxes is what is slow growth in the economy and if that is what you want the democRATS are looking for you.

4 years ago
Reply to  Billv

Well said. President Trump never stops and appears to be able to do 100 things at once. Thank-you Lord for sending us this warrior. There are a lot of evil people out there and we’ve been given the perfect person to handle them. Thank-you President Trump.

4 years ago

Anytime you elect a DEMRAT OR A RINO, you can expect everything to go to SHT! They don’t care about America or the American People. They only care about FATTENING their own bank accounts.

DEMRATs and RINOs are nothing but Criminals and Immoral, Evil Piles of SHT!


Bill Turney
Bill Turney
4 years ago

So, no, the currently booming US economy is not a due to obama. They admitted they didn’t even think it could be done.

Dale Brown
4 years ago

Nice going TOP! You’re getting it done and making it happen. Let them shut the government down again! Let them show how much they will do to make the presidency look bad rather than grant the will of the people. Lord, please intervene!

4 years ago

U can also bet there are a number of Rep who fit this bill also, I remember one Rep congressional leader stating TRump “hasn’t a clue as to how Washington DC works”. That is one of the reason I voted for Trump. I knew he wasn’t a part of the good ole boys club.

Walter Lee
4 years ago

The thing is Obama and Hilary did not want it done. They wanted everyone dependent on government with themselves in charge. They wanted to fundamentally change us to a socialist State without boarders as a first step to their new world order.

Harry Patkowski
Harry Patkowski
4 years ago

The difference here is that President Trump runs this country like a business, always looking at the bottom line. How can waste be cut and how to maximize the the resources at hand. The Democrats run the country like a bunch of spoiled children. As we’ve seen, both Obama & the Clinton’s have acted as though they are above the law. They treated the US Treasury like it was their personal piggy-banks. The Clinton’s even stole the silverware when they vacated the white house. Obama stole millions and tried a last minute grab of public lands in Nevada & Utah. (I bet he wanted to find some Uranium to sell to the Russians). President Trump has made so many positive changes that the media refuses to report. The economy continues to rise, black unemployment is the lowest in our history, he’s shut down Obama’s wasteful welfare programs and busted thousands of pedophiles worldwide. He used the Marines to raid the FBI headquarters and Delta Force to raid Obama’s secret lair in Thailand.
President Trump signed the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul plan into law. Employers were instructed to implement the new withholding rates by Feb. 15, which means most employees will begin to see the effect this month, if they haven’t already. The Department of the Treasury said 90% of Americans would see an increase in their take-home pay as a result.
Source –
4.2 tonnes of cocaine seized off South America; the cocaine was aboard an Obama connected boat called, “The Lady Michelle.” Read more at
Coast Guard offloads $125 million worth of seized cocaine in Puerto Rico –
Barack Obama Made FBI and DOJ Serve And Protect Hillary Clinton –
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Alma Engel
Alma Engel
4 years ago

Donald Trump is making amazing progress in spite of the evil democrats and RINOs and traitorous mainstream lying media. President is a real patriot. Certainly no democrat could have done what he has done. Our nation was miraculously rescued from Hillary Clinton by God giving us President Trump.

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