French President Changes Tone After Meeting With President Trump

By 1600 Staff

French President Emmanuel Macron had some tough words for President Trump this week, as the topic of trade caused our European allies to bristle. The French president threatened to exclude the United States from G7 agreements.

While the issues of Iran and the Paris Climate Agreement represent disagreements, the root cause of the tension is trade. President Trump is responding to foreign tariffs, a longstanding issue, with American tariffs on European and Canadian goods.

In spite of the French President’s tough talk, he seems to have walked it back after meeting with President Trump on Friday at the G7 meeting. The two appear to be getting along well after some contentious tweeting this week. As of this writing, it isn’t clear if the reached a middle ground on trade, but Europe and Canada are supportive of American policy in North Korea, and are publicly supporting the president’s upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Given how quickly the French leader changed his tone, it seems that President Trump’s approach is working.

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