President Trump Using Technology To Reduce Government Spending

IMPROVING AGENCY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: President Donald. J. Trump is signing an Executive Order to enhance the effectiveness of Federal Agency Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

  • President Trump’s Executive Order will implement successful Information Technology (IT) management practices from the private sector, enabling agencies to reduce costs, better protect sensitive data, and improve services offered to the public.
  • President Trump is designating a strong role for agency CIOs, empowering them to act more strategically.
    • Agencies will be able to more effectively leverage technology to accomplish their missions, cut down on duplication, and make IT spending more efficient.
  • President Trump’s Executive Order will improve agency compliance with statutes.
  • President Trump’s Executive Order requires agency CIOs to report directly to their agency heads.
  • President Trump’s Executive Order will increase the ability of agency CIOs to influence decision making across bureaus and drive an enterprise-wide view of IT.
    • Agency CIOs will be made voting members of bureau-level IT governance boards.
  • President Trump’s Executive Order will improve the ability of agency CIOs to hire qualified IT personnel.

INEFFICIENT MANAGEMENT: Past legislation has attempted to consolidate agencies’ IT spending, yet success in implementing reforms has varied from agency to agency.

  • Multiple laws, including the Clinger-Cohen Act and the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), have sought to consolidate IT spending authority and responsibility and bring them under the management of agency CIOs.
  • Only half of agency CIOs currently report to their agency head or principal deputy.
  • Despite legislative efforts, most agency CIOs still have limited control over IT spending.
    • CIOs at multiple agencies do not “have the authority to review and approve the entire agency IT portfolio,” according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).
  • Lack of centralized control by agency CIOs over IT has contributed to duplication.
    • Multiple Federal agencies currently operate duplicative email, human resources, financial management, and other systems.
  • Agency CIOs often have limited oversight over component CIOs.
    • Many agencies do not require the hiring of component CIOs to be approved by the agency CIO, despite requirements in FITARA and guidance from OMB.
  • The lengthy Federal hiring process, which can take more than six months for many positions, makes recruiting talented IT employees more difficult.

BACKWARD-LOOKING AND WASTEFUL SPENDING:  Federal agencies have struggled to improve information technology.

  • The Federal Government spends around $90 billion dollars every year on IT, which is often fragmented across bureaus, programs, and offices.
    • Breaking up spending this way contributes to duplication and the ineffective management of resources.
  • Agencies have struggled to modernize IT systems, largely allocating resources toward the maintenance of older systems rather than using those funds to transition to modern technologies.
    • Approximately 80 percent of funds budgeted for IT goes to maintaining legacy systems.
  • Billions of dollars have been wasted on failed projects to modernize IT, as they have too often run over budget, fallen behind schedule, or failed to deliver intended results.
    • According to the GAO, the Federal Government “has spent billions of dollars on failed IT investments.”

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C Buck
C Buck
5 years ago

If the government were a business, it would have been outsourced decades ago. The wasteful spending has been contagious, spreading throughout the various agencies, because of extremely poor oversight. Contracts for IT(anything gov) should only be given to companies(& people) who have passed rigorous background checks. And, not awarded to a relative/friend, because they are a relative/friend. The government IT should have redundant security measures in place, but not at inflated prices, because it is for the gov. Bonuses should only be given when efficiency is in place, not because of your position, title, or name.
I could go on, but, we all know poor performance, high costs, & constant delays, should not be tolerated, just because the government is involved.

Ron Billiter
Ron Billiter
5 years ago

President Trump is becoming the best ever for our country. He knows how to run big organizations and a large government, get much better results at reduced cost than ever before.
I love this guy for what he is accomplishing here to date. And, he doing everything we the people have asked him to do in a Deep State Swamp without help from the Congress or Senate.
Long live President Donald J. Trump and Thank you from we the people…..

Madeleine Donaldson
Madeleine Donaldson
5 years ago
Reply to  Ron Billiter

Amen <3

5 years ago

Trump, a TRUE businessman running Americas biggest business, the Federal Government. If someone can’t contribute to this cause, FIRE THEM. If they are Dead Weight, FIRE THEM. Put a leash on lobbyist and monitor their activity. MAGA. Build the damn Border Wall, NOW. 100% vet all illegals. Drain the Swamp. America Citizens First. No more Mister Nice Guy.

Carl J Bujan Jr
Carl J Bujan Jr
5 years ago

Presdent Trump being a very successful business man understands wasteful spending. Good job Mr. President.

Madeleine Donaldson
Madeleine Donaldson
5 years ago

Americas biggest threat is the Liberal media and the Democrats , Hollywood with their violent, anti family structure and anti God movies and Silicon Valley, blowing yourng peoples minds with Minecraft and other games. Also common core schooling, which mocks God, The National Anthem and the Flag. Young people are not taught respect for Authority, parents or the Bible. They know very little of the Constitution, or Americas History. Sad!

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