VIDEO: President Trump In WV: Tax Reform Is Paying Off

In West Virginia today, President Trump is meeting with workers and businesses who are seeing the benefits of tax reform, just a few of the millions of Americans who are benefiting from new investment, bonuses, and hiring across the Nation.

THE INTER-MOUNTAIN (ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA): Citizens Bank Gives Bonuses to Employees


“Citizens Bank of West Virginia issued a bonus of $1,000 to each of its 66 employees recently, joining a number of U.S. companies to pass along savings from the federal tax reform to its staff.… ’One of the best investments we can make is in our employees who are dedicated to making sure our customers have great banking experiences at Citizens,’ said Nathaniel S. Bonnell, president and CEO. ‘This $66,000 investment demonstrates our thanks and appreciation to our team for their tireless efforts and commitment to the bank.’”

WEST VIRGINIA METRONEWS: Pence Talks Tax Reform, Applauds Worldwide Equipment Announcement in White Sulphur Springs

“Before Pence took the stage, Worldwide Equipment CEO Terry Dotson made a highly anticipated announcement.… The company’s roughly 1,100 employees across their 20 locations have received bonuses, a dealership will be constructed in Charleston, SC and upgrades are coming to their existing facilities. Dotson is confident these accomplishments are a result of the recently-passed tax reform plan.”

WV NEWS: W.Va. State Auditor: Tax Cuts to Save State Employees Collective $50 Million per Year

“State employees in West Virginia are collectively expected to keep an additional $50 million annually, according to State Auditor John B. ‘JB’ McCuskey. McCuskey attributed this savings to the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which will provide state employees with a reduction in their tax withholding.”

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: GOP Tax Overhaul Will Cut Taxes for Two-Thirds of Households this Year: Analysis

“The new tax law will directly cut the taxes of nearly two-thirds of households this year, according to a new analysis released Wednesday by the nonprofit Tax Policy Center. The think tank found the individual provisions of the law signed by President Trump in December will reduce taxes for 65 percent of households in 2018…”

MARKETWATCH: Crumbs? Bonuses Tied to Trump Tax Cuts Said to Boost U.S. Incomes by $30 Billion

“Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said ordinary Americans would only get ‘crumbs’ from the Trump cuts. The federal agency that does the math says those crumbs amounted to as much as $30 billion in January. The Bureau of Economic Analysis raised its estimate of how much U.S. incomes rose in the first month of the year in response to widespread reports of businesses handing out onetime bonuses after the tax cuts became law.”

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: McCormick Offers Employee Bonuses on Tax Cut Benefit

“McCormick & Co. is the latest company to offer employees bonuses, citing sweeping tax reforms that slashed corporate tax rates. The spice-maker is offering $1,000 bonuses to eligible hourly employees and says it plans to ‘accelerate’ wage increases, though it did not provide details. The Sparks, Maryland company will also [use] the tax cut to make investments, pay debt and benefit shareholders.”

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL: Lower Corporate Tax Rate Projected To Save Wisconsin Utility Customers More Than $275 Million

“Customers of Wisconsin utilities are projected to save more than $275 million from the new lower rate for federal corporate taxes, based on estimates compiled by the Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group…. Projected taxes are included as an expense when setting utility rates and the cost is passed onto customers.”

ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE: Southwire to Pay Workers $9 Million in Bonuses, Benefits Thanks to Tax Reform

“Electrical wire giant Southwire said Monday it will pay out $9 million in bonuses and benefits to employees thanks to tax reform. Carrollton, Ga.-based Southwire Co. said full-time employees in the United States, not including executives and upper management, will each receive a $1,000 bonus and full-time employees outside of the U.S. will receive an equivalent supplement. Part-time employees will get $250 bonuses or an international equivalent. The majority of Southwire’s nearly 7,500 employees will receive payments, the company said.”

KENT COUNTY NEWS (CHESTERTOWN, MARYLAND): Tax Cuts Lead Dixon to Give Employee Bonuses

“Dixon Valve and Coupling Co. has announced that it is giving employees $1,000 bonuses thanks to the federal tax reform.… On March 14, Dixon announced a $1,000 bonus for each full-time American employee who had been with the company for a year ‘as a direct result of the new tax law and reduced regulations’…”

WICHITA BUSINESS JOURNAL: Wichita Companies ‘Reinvesting’ In Employees through Tax Cut Bonuses

“Aldrich, president and CEO of Wichita Railway Services, provided his employees bonuses of $3,000 to $6,000 using funds that would have otherwise gone toward corporate income tax. The federal government’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed into law in December, lowered tax rates for businesses and individuals.”

SPRINGFIELD NEWS-LEADER (MISSOURI): Springfield Solar Company Hiring More Workers, Credits Trump’s Tax Cut

“A Springfield solar company announced Monday it’s adding 30 new jobs thanks to a corporate tax rate cut championed by President Donald Trump. According to a press release, Sun Solar employed about 100 people at the start of 2018, 17 percent of whom are U.S. military veterans. ”

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