What You Need to Know About Infrastructure Funding

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

WHAT: The Federal Government provides important infrastructure funding but often does so in an inefficient way and with numerous restrictions.  

The Federal Government funds around 20 percent of total infrastructure investment, not the 80 percent some critics claim. The level of Federal infrastructure investment varies by sector. For example, Federal funding accounts for 28 percent of highway investment and 4 percent of water infrastructure investment, when you consider capital, operations, and maintenance costs.

Federal revenues depend on taxpayers at the state and local level, yet Federal infrastructure funding is too often directed by Washington’s priorities. When Federal funding does eventually make its way back to the State and local level it comes with numerous strings attached. Federal highway funding alone comes with 99 rules and requirements.


Federal impediments to infrastructure improvements remain despite the fact that State and local governments own the vast majority of all governmental infrastructure.

WHY: The President’s infrastructure proposal maintains the traditional balance of Federal and non-Federal funding, while investing in a way that stretches every dollar and delivers on local needs.

President Trump’s proposal for rebuilding infrastructure in America is in line with the traditional balance of Federal, State, and local infrastructure investment. The President’s proposal will keep existing Federal funding in place, including for the Highway Trust Fund. It will provide new funding that stretches each taxpayer dollar and increases overall investment for a net economic benefit to the Nation.

Half of all Federal funds in the proposal will go to an Incentives Program. The Incentives Program will provide grants to State and local applicants to promote new infrastructure investment. Coupled with divestiture of Federal assets that are more appropriately owned by the State, local, or private entities, this system will keep infrastructure funding decisions out of the D.C. bureaucracy and in State and local hands.

President Trump’s proposal will ultimately result in significantly more investments to repair and modernize American infrastructure.

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Richard Boyle
Richard Boyle
6 years ago

And the money for this will come from where?

6 years ago

What happened to all the money Obama was supposed to spend on “infrastructure”? He spent nearly $10 Trillion dollars and had $1.5 Trillion in QE money.

Ken j Bower
Ken j Bower
6 years ago

So much money is disappearing from Washington; that I can’t understand Why we as the people allows this culture of Corruption to continue!
Nothing will ever change until we the people put the Politicans I their place and take the power away from them!

Martin Korab
Martin Korab
6 years ago

Can you imagine the total mess our country would be in if we had voted Hillary into office ? We would definitely have 4 more years of Obama policies and thats all it would have taken to completely ruin our country. We were definitely on the road to become a communist country and then a great thing happened, president Trump was elected to lead this nation. Let us thank God for him and get behind him 1000%. Sincerely, Martin Korab

6 years ago

“The Federal Government funds around 20 percent of total infrastructure investment, not the 80 percent some critics claim.”

How interesting! It sounds like the money laundering is coming from states rather than the feds. Who woulda thought!!!

Kinda makes it faaar easier to understand the recent collapsing infrastructure. Somebody’s pockets were lined quite nicely, while corners were cut…and people were KILLED!

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