Biden Boosts Electric Bus Company Tied to Dem Megadonors and Biden Officials

Joe Biden seems to be enriching his friends and donors right under the American peoples’ noses. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm is not the only prominent Democrat with financial ties to an electric bus company repeatedly boosted by the Biden administration, documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon show. Nicholas and Joby

Biden Blocks Trump-era Rule

Joe Biden has blocked a Trump-era gig-worker rule. According to Fox Business: The Biden administration is blocking a Trump-era regulation that would have made it easier to classify gig workers and others as independent contractors, a policy that had been sought by companies such as food-delivery and ride-sharing services. The Labor Department said Wednesday it is nullifying a rule

CDC Influenced by Teachers’ Unions?

The CDC’s school reopening guidelines reportedly were influenced by teachers’ unions. According to Fox News: EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans are demanding answers from the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on whether new school reopening guidelines were based on politics and Democratic campaign donations rather than coronavirus science. GOP leaders on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are

CNN Still Hasn’t Fired Jeffrey Toobin 6-Months Later

It has been 6 months since Jeff Toobin’s Zoom masturbation incident. He was promptly fired from the ‘New Yorker’ but CNN has yet to fire him. According to The Washington Free Beacon: You’ve gotta hand it to Jeffrey Toobin. The CNN legal analyst was promptly fired by the New Yorker after masturbating on a Zoom call in October 2020

Hillary Thrilled With How Joe Biden is Pushing the Agenda

The push of the progressive left agenda by the Biden Administration has a new fan. Hillary Clinton. According to The Daily Wire: Clinton was prompted by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, who asked, “I want to ask you about Biden’s 100 days. And I want to you ask something very specific about it which is, he has

Biden Nominee Conceals Questionable Ties to Anti-Semitic Prof

Biden Justice Department nominee Kristen Clarke has reportedly concealed ties to an anti-Semitic professor. According to The Washington Free Beacon: The revelation could prompt charges that she gave inaccurate answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Clarke told lawmakers that she has never worked with Amiri Baraka, the Marxist and anti-Semitic black nationalist who accused Israel

DCCC Chair Outed as a Hypocrite

The Democrat Campaign Committee Chair New York Representative Patrick Maloney said one thing and did another. Maloney urged constituents to stay home but then spend thousands of dollars traveling the state. According to The Washington Free Beacon: Maloney—who leads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee—halted his campaign’s in-person signature-collecting push in March 2020. Days later, he urged constituents to

Pompeo Wants Kerry Investigated

John Kerry reportedly gave state secrets to Iran and Mike Pompeo is now pushing for an investigation into the current Climate Czar. According to The Washington Free Beacon: A leaked audio recording of Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif, who worked closely with Kerry when the 2015 nuclear accord was negotiated, catches the Iranian official claiming

White House Advisor to Obama Arrested

A former White House adviser to former President Obama has been arrested for stealing money from a charter school network he started. According to The Washington Free Beacon: An adviser to former president Barack Obama was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a New York City public charter school

Biden Nominee Wanted to Prosecute Bush and Cheney

A Biden nominee for the State Department pushed to prosecute George Bush and Dick Cheney for War Crimes. According to The Washington Free Beacon: President Joe Biden’s nominee for human-rights chief at the State Department has called on the Hague to investigate U.S. armed forces and former Bush administration officials for alleged “war crimes” and